Four Wheelers

A ride of terrain wheelers is the experience, which should not be missed. Whether you are just lonely or an extrovert, you can go crazy riding it no matter what the season is. The weather does not matter here and it will not spoil the fun.

Manoeuvreability is very simple and either real men or the women who want to feel just the breeze in their hair will get the satisfaction from it.

Fourwheelers should not be missed even at your company´s event or at your teambuilding.

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The prices include: vehicle hire, fuel, instructor, protective helmet.

Recommedations: Suitable is sports clothes, towel, glasses in case of need, good health conditions.

Minimum age: 15 years.

Minimum order: Buggies and fourwheelers – 1 piece of vehicle for two hours or 2 pieces of vehicle for 1 hour


  • Before going on the track you will be tutored about the regulations of driving. You will be explained how to drive the fourwheeler. If you have not driven a similar vehicle, do not be afraid you will not manage, the driving it is very simple. On the basis of these experience you will get used to the vehicle very fast and after a couple of minutes you will taste the increasing adrenalin while increasing the speed and your confidence while driving.
  • We recommend the ride during dryness, mud is not the problem as we consider it to be the main root of this sport as you can drive during the wetness.
  • The length of the drive depends on the chosen order
  • When you are group of people you can take turns.
  • The audience is welcome and so is taking the photos or videos

X-Fun Campus

The overall area of 3ha is as if made for relishing all the sports we have to offer. The surface is accomodated to fully satisfy those who love adrenalin and also those who do not have the previous experience with these sports. You can go crazy on the track lenght of which is 850 metres.

Team building

Team building at work for a successful functioning of any workplace is a very important factor . Our fourwheelers, paintball and buggies contribute towards it.

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